Sunday, March 27, 2011

Feeling Useless

Which is really sad because it was actually a really good week. It is probably just blahs from doing nothing all day (no, we didn't even go to church-that is just the kind of bad people we are). Oh well, hopefully it will pass and next week will be even better than last.

Love my new job, and I love even more that I have been able to become friends with an old friend again in the last few months. Maybe I should invite her over for dinner. It would give me something to do.......

Thursday, March 10, 2011

THIS is why you get a baby first.

 Little Brother called Our Dad last night, I happened to be downstairs watching TV and overheard him telling Dad how he doesn't know how much longer he can stand it here.  Since he was on MY cell phone(he has his own track phone but no job so he can't buy new minutes for it) I decided it was fair to listen to the rest of the conversation.

He went on to tell Dad how bad it is to live here, how we are unreasonable and rude and bad people. (The kicker for me was when he said how bad my depression is for him"she says she is getting better but I guess I just have to take her word, it makes it so hard for me" He doesn't have a clue. I have been better than ever in the last 6 months)

He apparently has 2 new home offers (from moms with teenagers-who somehow take his word as complete truth) Which means he has been telling people who have never even met us how awful we are.

Guess I missed the memo where asking a 17yr old to get a job so he could drive and date made me a bad person.

After have a teenager I have pretty solidly decided to never have children.  I never want another teenager. 

Sure babies are cute and cuddly and make you forget how tired and frustrated you are because they are just so stinking adorable, but it is all a trick.  It has to be that way so that you are already permanently attached when they become teenagers so you can resist the urge to strangle them in their sleep. Puppies on the other hand, stay like cute and cuddly and naughty 2 year olds forever. 

I am gonna stick with dogs.