Thursday, March 10, 2011

THIS is why you get a baby first.

 Little Brother called Our Dad last night, I happened to be downstairs watching TV and overheard him telling Dad how he doesn't know how much longer he can stand it here.  Since he was on MY cell phone(he has his own track phone but no job so he can't buy new minutes for it) I decided it was fair to listen to the rest of the conversation.

He went on to tell Dad how bad it is to live here, how we are unreasonable and rude and bad people. (The kicker for me was when he said how bad my depression is for him"she says she is getting better but I guess I just have to take her word, it makes it so hard for me" He doesn't have a clue. I have been better than ever in the last 6 months)

He apparently has 2 new home offers (from moms with teenagers-who somehow take his word as complete truth) Which means he has been telling people who have never even met us how awful we are.

Guess I missed the memo where asking a 17yr old to get a job so he could drive and date made me a bad person.

After have a teenager I have pretty solidly decided to never have children.  I never want another teenager. 

Sure babies are cute and cuddly and make you forget how tired and frustrated you are because they are just so stinking adorable, but it is all a trick.  It has to be that way so that you are already permanently attached when they become teenagers so you can resist the urge to strangle them in their sleep. Puppies on the other hand, stay like cute and cuddly and naughty 2 year olds forever. 

I am gonna stick with dogs.


  1. Lol... from what I hear (can't speak from experience just yet...) the teenager turn out the way the parents let him. He's not used to your rules, because you didn't raise him. Your kids will follow your rules. And if they don't, they'll have to learn the hard way that you know best. Maybe it's frustrating for you because he's not your child. You can't love him the way you would your own. Anyway, I hope it works out somehow. I'm sad that he's not more grateful, but, it can't be changed. He doesn't know your struggles, and he can't be expected to understand. At least not until he has a wife who gets on birth control and has her hormones messed up and becomes a different person. Blah. long comment, sorry. Love you.

  2. Ya know?? I was pregnant when we let my little teenage sister come live with us in Idaho Falls...and I started second-guessing this whole parenthood thing. I mean...she's not terrible, but we were providing for her EVERY need: she used our cells phones and cars, ate our food, used our electricity and gas, slept in our house, only helped out when asked repeatedly, etc. We had actually expected her to look for a job to start saving money...that was the point. It's probably not as bad as you have it (I don't think she told people she met that she hated living with us) but it was pretty darn stressful and awkward and kind of a ding in our relationship.

    Basically, just wanted you to know I kinda know how you feel. It's frustrating. But I hope that someday you reconsider children over dogs :) Because I hear it's worth it. And if you want it to be different for you and have your children obey and respect you, you can make it be different just by making that decision :)

  3. First off, I'm sorry and that really sucks. I know you've sacrificed a lot to provide a good home for him. That being said, I remember what I was like as a teenager. I was a snot and completely ungrateful to may parents. Looking back I so wish I had been different and I'm so grateful to my parents now. I know one day your brother will look back and think the same of you! Don't give up on him!! You two are amazing people and we feel so blessed to have you as friends! If you need to talk please don't hesitate to call!!